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The ADV product is one of three ATSR-2/AATSR aerosol ECV products produced in the ESA Aerosol_cci project. This aerosol product is produced with the ADV retrieval algorithm consisting of two parts: ADV over land using the ATSR dual view and ASV over ocean using only one of the two ATSR single views, ASV. ADV is applied to ATSR-2 (on ERS-2; 1995-2003) and AATSR (on ENVISAT; 2002-2012) which together span a period of 17 years. The ADV dual view aerosol retrieval algorithm allows for AOD retrieval over land without prior information on the land surface reflectance. The ADV standard products are AOD, the Ångström coefficient and the best fit aerosol model. Additionally, single scattering albedo and directional surface reflectance are retrieved.

Example results. (left): global aggregated AOD for 2008; (right) 17-years time series of annual mean AOD over land at 550 nm for the whole globe, over the continents and over a few selected regions in Europe

Satellite ERS-2 (ESA), ENVISAT (ESA)
Instrument(s) ATSR-2, AATSR
Algorithm PI Gerrit de Leeuw
Algorithm Development Pekka Kolmonen, Larisa Sogacheva
Contact Details gerrit.leuuw[at], larisa.sogacheva[at]

AOD at 0.55, 0.67, 0.87(over ocean only) and 1.6 μm, Ångström exponent, aerosol mixtures (fine/coarse, absorbing/non-absorbing, dust/sea salt), per-pixel uncertainty estimates; optional: Single scattering albedo (SSA), Directional surface albedo at 0.55 and 0.67 μm

Aerosol algorithm ADV (ASV over ocean)
Cloud screening

Robles González (2003) and cloud edge post-processing

Aerosol model Aerosol_cci common aerosol components (de Leeuw et al., 2013)
Retrieval assumptions

k-ratio assumption for AOD over land retrieval, Cox and Munk model for AOD over ocean retrieval

Retrieval limitations Retrieval over land is poorly constrained over bright surfaces (e.g. desert, snow) at high top-of-the-atmosphere surface reflectance (>0.45 at 1.6 µm) and at high latitudes (>75°) due to limitations in radiative transfer models
Spatial, temporal coverage 1995-2012, global
Spatial, temporal resolution L2 (10x10 km2) and L3 (1°×1°) resolution datasets; ADV product at lower resolution (nominal pixel 1x1km2 at nadir) can be made available for small areas on request (see contact details). ATSR swath width is 512 km, resulting in global coverage in 5-6 days
Operations status Annual reprocessing
Validation status Intercomparison of L2 and L3 products with AERONET and with other satellite data
Quality control The determination of uncertainty for AOD is based on the measurement error; other quality flags provided
last algorithm version ADV_Ver2.60
last validation 02/2015


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