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Aerosol retrievals are provided for each individual orbit over a 380-km wide swath (Level 2) and for globally gridded monthly and seasonal aggregates (Level 3). Global coverage is obtained about once per week. Uses multi-angle/multispectral imaging capability of MISR (9 view angles, from nadir to 70º forward and aft in each of 446, 558, 672, 866 nm spectral bands). Over ocean, only the 672, 866 nm spectral bands are applied. Unique strengths include accurate optical depth retrievals over bright desert source regions and distinction of aerosol type based on size, shape, and single-scattering albedo constraints under favourable retrieval conditions.

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Satellite TERRA (NASA)
Instrument(s) Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR)
Instrument / Algorithm PI David J. Diner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Contact Details

David.J.Diner[at]jpl.nasa.gov, Michael.J.Garay[at] jpl.nasa.gov, Ralph.Kahn[at]nasa.gov

Parameter(s) Aerosol optical depth, 3-to-5 size bins (small, medium, large), fraction AOD non-spherical, and a qualitative constraint on SSA (absorbing/non-absorbing)
Aerosol algorithm Different for DarkWater and Heterogeneous Land Surfaces
Cloud screening

RCCM (radiometric)/SDCM (stereo)/ASCM (angular- spectral)/angular smoothness/angular correlation methods

Aerosol model Bimodal and trimodal mixtures of spherical absorbing and non-absorbing particles, plus non-spherical dust models
Retrieval assumptions Negligible ocean water-leaving radiance at 672, 866 nm; spectral invariance of land surface angular reflectance factor; uniform aerosol type over 17.6 km retrieval regions; limited selection of aerosol components and mixtures
Retrieval limitations Not applicable over Case 2 waters, homogeneous snow/ice, cloud, complex terrain
Spatial, temporal coverage ±80° latitude, dayside, late February 2000 to present
Spatial, temporal resolution: 17.6 km / 380 km / 16 day orbit repeat period; every 9 days at equator, 2 days near poles
Operations status Operational
Validation status Validated against ground-based and aircraft sunphotometers
Quality control Goodness of fit thresholding
last algorithm version Version 22 (12/2007)
last validation 2010; ongoing


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