GOMOS stratosphere AERGOM CCI

Gridded stratospheric aerosol records retrieved using the improved GOMOS retrieval algorithm AerGom, including extinction and stratospheric aerosol optical depth. Makes use of a 3D grid with resolution 10° longitude x 2.5° latitude x 1 km height monthly means.  The retrieval algorithm uses an improved spectral parameterization of the aerosol quantities with respect to GOPR. Minimization by a Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm with Tikhonov regularization. All products provided with estimates of the uncertainty.

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Satellite: ENVISAT (ESA)
Instrument(s): GOMOS
Instrument/algorithm PI: Christine Bingen, BIRA-IASB
Contact details: christine.bingen[at]aeronomie.be
Parameter(s): extinction and stratospheric aerosol optical depth at 550 nm (gridded); Angström coefficient
Aerosol algorithm: AerGom
Cloud screening: None
Aerosol model: Second order inverse wavelength parameterization of the spectral dependence based on 3 reference wavelengths
Retrieval assumptions:

Homogeneity of the horizontal layers

Retrieval limitations: Reduced SNR, residual scintillation, star-dependent accuracy
Spatial, temporal coverage: 2008, global coverage
Spatial, temporal resolution: Bins of 10° longitude x 2.5° latitude; monthly means; 1 km extinction vertical resolution
Operations status: Reprocessing
Validation status: Validation within Aerosol_CCI with respect to lidar measurements (CALIPSO, NDACC) and satellite measurements (OSIRIS, SAGE II, SAGE III
Quality control:

associated uncertainties

last algorithm version:

1 (02/2013)

last validation: 10/2013



Validation summary (section 3.7) and appendix


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