SeaWIFS Deep Blue version 4

World Meteorological Organization

The SeaWiFS ‘Deep Blue’ (SWDB) dataset provides aerosol optical thickness and related information from the SeaWiFS sensor (1997-2010). Coverage is provided over land using the Deep Blue algorithm and over ocean using the SOAR algorithm, with near-global daily coverage (except gaps due to cloudiness, etc). Level 2 data are available at nominal 13.5x13.5 km resolution, and daily and monthly Level 3 products are also available at 0.5° and 1° resolutions.

Example result

Satellite SeaStar (NASA)
Instrument(s) SeaWIFS
Contact details christina.hus[at] (secondary:andrew.sayer[at]

AOD, Ångström exponent; land: single scattering albedo; ocean: fine mode volume fraction

Aerosol algorithm Land: Enhanced Deep Blue; Ocean: SOAR
Cloud screening

Sparial variance and brightness tests

Aerosol model

Land: A suite of aerosol models for dust, smoke, and continental aerosols; ocean: Three bimodal models (maritime, dust-dominated, fine-dominted) based on AERONET inversions

Retrieval assumptions

Bimodal aerosol model; Land: surface database/spectral relationship; Ocean: surface model dependent on wind speeds

Retrieval limitations

Coverage limited by sensor spatial/spectral resolution, and desire to achieve a conservative cloud mask (i.e. less cloud contamination than some other data sets but occasional misidentification of cloud-free scenes as cloudy)

Spatial, temporal coverage September 1997-December 2010, global; a few temporary gaps
Spatial, temporal resolution

13.5x13.5 km pixel, ~1,500 km swath (near-global daily coverage), 16 day orbital repeat cycle

Operations status Reprocessing
Validation status Version 3 validation published. Version 4 is very similar to version 3; version 4 validation not published, but results from version 3 hold
Quality control Pixel-wise quality flag, and pre-filtered datasets available within file
last algorithm version Version 4 (08/2013)
last validation 08/2013


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