The OMAERUV algorithm uses OMI measured reflectances at 354 and 388 nm to retrieve atmospheric column values of aerosol optical depth, single scattering albedo, and absorbing aerosol index at a 13x24 km nadir spatial resoltion. Ancillary data on CO and aerosol layer height from A-train sensors AIRS and CALIPSO are used in the retrieval. The algorithm is explained in detail in the document that can be found by following the Algorithm Description link below.

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Satellite: EOS (Earth Observing System) Aura
Instrument(s): OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument)
Instrument/algorithm PI: Omar Torres, NASA
Contact details: omar.o.torres[at]

Aerosol Extinction Optical Depth (354, 388 and 500 nm)

Aerosol Absorption Optical Depth (354, 388 and 500 nm)

Aerosol Single-Scattering Albedo (354, 388 and 500 nm)

Aerosol Index

Aerosol algorithm: OMAERUV
Cloud screening: Internal
Aerosol model: Dust, Smoke and Sulfate
Retrieval assumptions: Particle size distribution, aerosol layer height
Retrieval limitations: Pixel size, Row Anomaly
Spatial, temporal coverage: 2004-10-01 to present, global
Spatial, temporal resolution: 13x24km at Nadir, 2600 km wide swath, daily
Operations status: Operational/Reprocessing
Validation status: Published Validation
Quality control: Various Pixel-Wise Quality Flags
last algorithm version: OMAERUV 1.4.2 Collection 3
last validation: 2014