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AOD is estimated from MSG SEVIRI with a one-channel multi-temporal approach with special focus on the European Alps and a temporal resolution of 15 minutes. Surface reflectance is estimated from a time series prior to the observations. Additionally, the area where aerosol optical depth can be derived is not limited to certain land cover types. Only bright surface targets (e.g. snow) are excluded in the retrieval.

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Satellite: MSG (EUMETSAT)
Instrument(s): SEVIRI
Instrument/algorithm PI: Christoph Popp, University of Bern
Contact details: swun[at] , christoph.popp[at]
Parameter(s): AOD
Aerosol algorithm: Alpine AOD
Cloud screening: SAFNWC Cloud Mask, cloud shadow masking, spatial filtering for residual cloud effects
Aerosol model: continental (6S, single type)
Retrieval assumptions: invariant surface reflectance during previous 21 days; very bright surfaces are rejected; correction for water vapour, ozone, Rayleigh optical depth
Retrieval limitations: increasing difference between estimated and modelled surface with increasing surface reflectance
Spatial, temporal coverage: Alpine Europe, 6:30-17:30 UTC (depending on SZA)
Spatial, temporal resolution: 3x3km² / geostationary / 15 minutes repeat cycle
Operations status: (pre-)operational
Validation status: intercomparison with ground-based observations
Quality control: manual / offline AERONET validation
last algorithm version: MSG SEVIRI AOD LAND/CENTRAL EUROPE (11/2009)
last validation: 08/2004, 11/2007-11/2008



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