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The atmosphere is changing and the potential consequences for the "System Earth" are manifold. Dynamics, chemistry, and radiation determine its state and because all are coupled with each other via various mechanisms it is often difficult to identify a direct link between causes and consequences. A better understanding of this system requires integral, continuous, precise, long term and global observations. In order to contribute to this effort of improved understanding, the World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere (WDC-RSAT) was established. ... more


NOAA-19 AVHRR latest color composite

Cloud physical products of latest AVHRR-scenes received in Oberpfaffenhofen

Cloud parameters based on data of the AVHRR/3 sensor aboard the NOAA-19 platform are derived at WDC-RSAT operationally up to six times per day. The cloud analysis tool used is the AVHRR Processing scheme Over cLouds Land and Ocean (APOLLO). The processing chain for AVHRR data is operated from data reception (level 0 data), calibration, georeferencing, mapping to level 3 and publishing across three departments within the Earth Observation Center at DLR. The image visualizes a color composite of the latest NOAA-19 AVHRR overpass. The covered area depends on the satellite track, i.e. central, eastern or western overpass.

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