The OMAERO Level 2 data product contains aerosol characteristics such as aerosol optical thickness (AOT), aerosol type, aerosol absorption indices as well as ancillary information. The aerosol optical thickness is retrieved from OMI spectral reflectance measurements and a best fitting aerosol type is determined. The single-scattering albedo, the layer height and the size distribution associated with the best fitting aerosol type are provided as well as diagnostic information.

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Satellite: EOS Aura (NASA)
Instrument(s): OMI
Instrument/algorithm PI: Pepijn Veefkind, KNMI
Contact details: veefkind[at]
Parameter(s): AOD, aerosol type, absorption indices
Aerosol algorithm: OMAERO
Cloud screening: OMCLDO2
Aerosol model: defined by size distribution, complex refraction index and aerosol layer height / spherical and non-spherical
Retrieval assumptions: non-linear fitting routine using a modified Levenberg-Marquardt method
Retrieval limitations: aerosol main type climatology
Spatial, temporal coverage: 2004-present / NRT, global
Spatial, temporal resolution: 13x24km² / 2600km swath / 16 days repeat cycle
Operations status: operational
Validation status: multi-spectra AERONET and other satellites intercomparison
Quality control: fit quality information and AOT error
last algorithm version: OMAERO v1.0.6 is publicly released for ECS Collection 3
last validation: 06/2006